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Best Android apps for your Chromebook / January 23, 2017
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By Jerry Hildenbrand

An injection of over 1,000,000 Android apps does a great job filling in the holes in Chrome.

A few Chromebooks already have Android apps through Google Play. More are scheduled to get them, and most new Chromebooks will ship with the Play store working from day one. Android app support has also been announced for several Chromeboxes and the Chromebit. It’s a slow process, but it is happening.

Android apps will change how you use your Chromebook. They have already changed things like how much storage is enough or how useful a touchscreen is on a small laptop. They fill a void that many people needed to be filled before they would purchase a Chromebook because they needed support for a particular app or just wanted a bigger selection. Android apps also help when developers who have a Chrome app aren’t offering all the features with it and the Android app has them. They’ll also expose more people to Chrome OS which will make native Chrome apps even better because developers need to pay more attention to it. Android apps on Chrome are good no matter how you look at it.

Of course, some apps fill that void better than others. Here is the best of the best when it comes to Android apps for your Chromebook.


You might not use Slack, but you probably should be. It’s a cross-platform service where you can chat with friends or co-workers with necessary features like private chats (including private group chats) and voice/video calls. You can even program bots for your channel(s). We use it here at Mobile Nations as our primary way to communicate.

And the Android version of the Slack App is great! It’s far better than the native Chrome offering and runs flawlessly in its own resizable window on your desktop. It’s also integrated perfectly and notifications come in the same way all your Chrome notifications do. Slack is the first icon I click when I open the lid on my Chromebook.

See at Google Play


There are ways to manage your podcast feeds via the web or through Chrome, but none of them are half as good as Pocketcasts.

Pocketcasts is one of the best ways to download and listen to the latest episodes from all of your podcasts on Android, and it works the same way on your Chromebook. You can let your list play in the background while you’re doing anything else, and a click in the notification tray brings up media controls if you need to skip ahead or backward. It’s also a good bit cheaper than the web version, though it’s worth just as much.

See at Google Play


Now that you can use the Unclouded app for Android you have a way to access all your stuff in the cloud.

Chromebooks work really well with Google Drive. With a fast connection, it’s just like working in an office where folders are on a central server but …read more



Disastrous Android Lollipop problems and their solutions /
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Android 5.0 Lollipop brought a few bugs and issues with it, so here’s how to fix some of the common Android Lollipop problems.

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From the Editor's Desk: We like different phones, and that's OK /
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By Andrew Martonik

Diversity in Android means we can disagree on the ‘best’ phone, but still both have a great phone.

This week I wrote a three-month follow-up to our Pixel review, keeping up our tradition of returning to high-profile devices several months on to see how they’ve held up over time. As seems to be the case any time we talk about our favorite phones, there’s a large amount of dissent in the comments section and on Twitter saying how far off base we are about determining that a phone is still the best.

There are a half-dozen great high-end phones available at any given time.

The argument usually boils down to “but it doesn’t have x feature or y feature, which I always use.” What’s glossed over in these arguments is that you can absolutely be correct that this phone may not be right for you because it’s missing a feature you want — but at the same time I can still say the Pixel and Pixel XL are the best phones available today. The diversity of the Android market — even when we’re only talking about high-end, expensive phones — is still strong enough to give you several great phones to choose from at any given time.

You see, even our “best android phone” article is a list with multiple options on it. Sure we’ve determined that the Pixel still sits at the top, but at this point we also include the Galaxy S7, OnePlus 3T and Huawei Mate 9 as viable “best” alternatives for people with different tastes. We heartily recommend (and use ourselves) all four of those phones, and chances are you can find one in the group that appeals to you more than the rest.

They all offer different combinations of features for those who just have to have something specific. For people who aren’t so discerning about one feature or spec, though, they’re probably going to enjoy the phone we consider the top in the group: the Google Pixel. So understand that just because we have determined one to be the top of the heap doesn’t mean your choice isn’t also valid; this isn’t a zero-sum game, there can (and will) be multiple winners here.

And with that, few more thoughts on the week that was:

Kodak Ektra: changing our relationship with photos /
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By Cory Schmidt

The Kodak Ektra, a Bullitt Group partnership smartphone that has a vintage look and a powerful camera. But can this change our photo experience?

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Weekend poll: How much mobile data do you use in a typical month? /
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By David Ruddock

As the content we consumer on our smartphones becomes ever richer – HD videos, high-bitrate music, complex webpages – it seems inevitable that our data usage on mobile networks is just going to keep going up, up, up.

But as our need for more and more gee-bees grows with each passing year, our mobile data plans may not keep up with our demands, and we’re forced to pace ourselves to avoid overage fees or reduced service.

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Weekend poll: How much mobile data do you use in a typical month? was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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[Deal Alert] White Moto 360 Sport once again on sale for $99 at Amazon /
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By Jeff Beck

It’s not the fist time it’s been on sale, and it surely won’t be the last, but the Moto 360 Sport is on sale at Amazon today for $99. The watch has its faults, but for just under a hundred bucks, it’s one of the best values out there for someone looking for a new AW device.

One important stipulation you need to be aware of is that only the white banded watch is currently on sale.

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[Deal Alert] White Moto 360 Sport once again on sale for $99 at Amazon was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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