[Update: More Details] NVIDIA Announces Voluntary Recall Of SHIELD Tablets Due To Risk Of Overheating Batteries, Offers Free Replacements

By Bertel King, Jr. Update 1: 2015/07/31 11:56am PDT After seeing “I understand when I turn on my replacement tablet, my original tablet will be deactivated remotely and rendered unusable,” we reached out to NVIDIA to ask whether the recalled Update 2: 2015/08/01 1:27pm PDT According to Consumer Product Safety Commission, 83,000 affected tablets were […]

[Weekend Poll] Should App Developers Ignore Bug Reports From Users Running Modified Firmware On Their Device?

By David Ruddock A discussion on Google+ started yesterday by Yahooer (and former Nexus device maintainer) JBQ about modified firmware and app bug/crash reports has started something of a debate: should developers actually heed crash and other logs from users with things such as modified frameworks, or even custom ROMs? On the extreme end of […]