Cultivating Pineapple Express with Hydroponic Drip System

By Rob

Cultivating Pineapple Express with Hydroponic Drip System

The hydroponic drip system is one of many hydroponics techniques. The drip irrigation is one of the most successful cannabis cultivation methods which relies on a regulated flow of nutrients, top fed to the plants. It’s not just for hydro though. Some soil-based grows also use drip irrigation to feed plants.

Drip irrigation is efficient but also has very little excess. This system releases the adequate amount of nutrient solution per plant which, when given in excess, can be recycled on the other plants. When done correctly, there’s no need to always empty tanks of solution only to replace them with fresh ones.

Other benefits of a drip irrigation include:

  • Easy to set up even on a tight budget
  • Can be used by both advanced and newbie marijuana growers
  • Drip irrigation is more productive and more effective than soil-only systems

Grower: eggzin
Yield: 136 grams of bud and 42 grams of trim, total of 178 grams
Location: USA

photos of the set up

The seed was soaked, and the softened seed was stuck into Rapid Rooter with plug over hole, placed in pot, and put under the CFL. Three days later, she popped out of the medium.

Three days later

A day after that, she has put on some height.

some height

However, she looks a little stretchy so the CFL was removed and replaced with the 400W metal halide positioned 34 inches above the seedling.

March 19th

Just a quick update.

The MH light is 28 inches away from the top of the seedling. The growth rate seems to be on par with previous seedlings.

Inside the cabinet, the temperature is, on average, 73 degrees F and average humidity is 43%. These figures are average because every time the inline fan kicks in to control high temperature, all the humid air created by the humidifier gets sucked right out.

Even a week after popping from the soil, the little girl has yet to receive any nutes. The plan is to start with 250PPM in a couple of days.


If you have any questions about the setup, keep in mind it’s based on a water farm. It consists of a top, 5 gallon bucket with a 9-inch net put filled with hydroton and a bottom tote holding 4 gallons of solution. The solution is pumped up to the drip ring by a 160 GPH pump. The solution drains out the bottom of the upper bucket into the reservoir and recirculates. The pump runs 24/7.

The pump runs 24/7

The temperature controller energizes an electrical receptacle. One plug is for cooling, the other is for heating. When the temperature inside the cabinet is raised to a pre-determined level, the inline fan kicks in and …read more



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