Hawaii Will be a Cannabis State in the Next Five Years

By Alice

December 06, 2017

Kauai County in

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Espero also interacted with attendees in Q&A session at the end of his speech. In this discussion, he told the audience that the slow progress on legalization front was due to the fact that marijuana was already easily available from a prevalent black market. But he was hopeful that the need of more tax revenue would catalyze the process of legalization in the state. He also thinks that Hawaii will become cannabis giant with its brand power once it goes through the complete procedure of legalization.

The conference was not limited to people getting high. Important topics regarding cannabis and the business were also discussed by the speakers. For instance, lawsuit avoidance was discussed in detail and experts told the attendees about some of the best practices.

Brand-building of legalized cannabis products were also part of the discussion. As Bibiana Rojas, founder of cannabis business in Colombia, reminded the audience, “there isn’t a Coca Cola of cannabis yet”.

Hawaii Will be a Cannabis State in the Next Five Years – Image powered by Hawaiicannabis.org

Attendees were also very active and conscientious during these discussion and asked experts about the minimum pesticide contamination allowed for cannabis plants. Legal standing of a recent letter dispatched by the Honolulu Police Department ordering cannabis users to give in their firearms was also a hot topic of discussion.

Speakers at the conference also censured the unreasonable anti-smoking measures overseen by the Hawaii Department of Health which forbids MMJ establishments in the state from selling paraphernalia needed for the inhalation of marijuana.

Panelists also raised their concern over the pesticide threshold limit set for pesticides for medical marijuana plants which can be toxic for people dealing with immune system complications. However, a representative from a cannabis testing laboratory indicated the state might consider lowering this limit to curb any potential health perils to the patients using MMJ products.

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