Marijuana Plant Protector System

Marijuana Plant Protector Set

The Marijuana Plant Protector System protects your marijuana plants against all common pests and diseases. One set is enough for a complete cycle with 20 large plants.

You might not see it, but your cannabis plants are constantly under threat of funghus, bacteria and invertebrates. The Plant Protector System is developed to both prevent and cure these infestations.

Leaving root rot, bud-rot, a spider mite invasion or leaf peptoria unchecked will kill your crop right under your eyes. Don’t let this happen to you!

Robert Bergman developed three products that together form a system that prevents and cures (where possible) the most common marijuana pests and diseases.

When ordering the Marijuana Plant Protector System you will receive all three products: Bug Blaster, Mold Control and Root Protector. They perform best when used in conjunction.

Keep your plant alive and healthy by using the nr 1 pest & disease control system for home use.

Developed by Robert Bergman, author of

Marijuana Plant Protector is succesfully tested under all imaginable circumstances.