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For Rent in Durham $1,200.00 per month and yes pets are welcome, Fenced in yard with a nice privacy fence.

2 Bedroom 1 Bath/ Fenced in Yard. “CALL or TEXT” 919-308-7597- Pets Welcome- $1,200 Location: 2711 Edmund Durham, NC 27705 USA More Photos and Additional Info   Residential Rental 2 Bedrooms 1 Full Bathroom 1 […] Read More

Kinda Blue Pixel 2 now available for non-Verizon customers

By Joe Maring Your choice of getting it unlocked or on Project Fi. The Pixel 2 might not be the best-looking phone released in 2017, but it’s still a big improvement over its first-generation sibling. […] Read More

Google is looking into Android 8.1 lockscreen swipe issues on Pixel devices

By Richard Gao I’d wager that most owners of Pixel phones use the fingerprint sensors on the back to unlock their phones, but there are circumstances in which using the backup PIN, pattern, or password […] Read More

Google is finally fixing URLs on AMP pages

By Martim Lobao Even if you’ve never heard of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), you’ve probably already come across them several times online without realizing it — and you might have even been put off by […] Read More

The Kinda Blue Pixel 2 is now available on Project Fi

By Ryan Whitwam Google has this nasty habit of making the prettiest Pixels the hardest to get. Remember the Really Blue limited edition Pixel last year? This year, the Kinda Blue variant is only available […] Read More

Lenovo Mirage Solo vs Oculus Go

By Russell Holly Google and Oculus are competing like never before. As cool as it is to be able to put your phone in a simple headset and be transported to another world, sometimes you […] Read More

Why did Google hire the best chip designers?

By Hans-Georg Kluge Google is working on its own chips that accelerate machine learning applications. But will they soon have their own smartphone processors? (This is a preview – click here to read the entire […] Read More

Plex reportedly planning to support podcasts

By Ryan Whitwam Plex has been adding new features on a regular basis lately, like live TV and news. That’s only the start of the company’s expansion plans, though. According to a report from TechCrunch, […] Read More

You never know when you might need the $40 Red Cross emergency radio

By John Levite Never leave home without it. The American Red Cross FRX3+ emergency weather radio and smartphone charger is down to $39.99 on Amazon. While it fluctuates a bit in price, its average street […] Read More

Google is focusing on 180-degree video for VR headsets

By Russell Holly Depth is more important than the sphere. For several years now, 360-degree cameras have been seen as the best way for consumers to capture something for VR. It started with Photospheres, and […] Read More